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Utility primarily for computer and unit conversions.

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System Requirements

  • ConvertStuff (OS X) requires MacOS 10.x.x

  • ConvertStuff (PPC) requires Macintosh PowerPC running OS 8.x - 9.x.x

  • ConvertStuff (Win) requires 486 PC or higher running Windows 9x/ ME /NT /2000 /XP


  • Character Conversions
    • ASCII Conversions
      Convert ASCII strings to and from: binary, hex, integers, and reverse. You may also convert ASCII to: lowercase, titlecase, and uppercase.
    • ASCII Table
      Shows the ASCII table with binary, decimal, hex, and octal equivalent values.
    • Key Codes
      Shows key value assigned to each key pressed on keyboard and their decimal values.
  • Extra Conversions
    • Animal Age
      Can determine animal age in human years and your age in animal years (cat, dog, and horse).
    • Depreciation
      Determine straight-line and sum of the years digits depreciation for the following...
      depreciation of year, overall depreciation, value of asset now. 10 years is the max.
  • File Download Time Conversions
      Shows amount of time a file(s) takes to download using a specific bandwidth service and/or speed from 9600 baud, to T-1, to OC-1 carriers, to the fastest there is called the DWDM (Dense Wave Division Multiplexor).
    • Small bandwidth common comparisons
      Units of measurement: bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes.
    • Medium bandwidth common comparisons
      Units of measurement: bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes.
    • Large bandwidth common comparisons
      Units of measurement: bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes.
    • Huge bandwidth common comparisons
      Units of measurement: bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes.
    • You Decide tab for specific speeds.
      Units of measurement: bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes.
      Speed types: bps (bits per sec), Bps (Bytes per sec), Kbps (Kilobits per sec), Mbps (Megabits per sec), Gbps (Gigabits per sec), Tbps (Terabits per sec).
  • Print and Image Conversions
    • PPI To Inches
      Determine the actual physical size of a digital image in inches.
    • File Size
      Determine the file size of a digital image.
    • PPI Needed For Scan
      Determine what PPI to scan an image at so you get the correct halftone when printing.
    • Effective Resolution Calculator (ERC)
      Effective resolution is the image resolution subsequent to scaling. Use this before scaling an image in a page layout program to determine it. If the calculated effective resolution doesn't meet your standards then either crop image in a photo editing program or rescan image at appropriate resolution and size intended for print.
    • Web Colors
      Convert Hex color values to RGB values and vise-versa, check whether a color is web-safe, and to show the nearest web-safe color.
  • Weather Conversions
    • Cricket Chirp Temperature
      Determine the temperature from number of cricket chirps heard. Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin, and Rankine results.
    • dp/HI/RH
      Determine the dew point, heat index, and relative humidity. Celsius and Fahrenheit results.
    • Wind Chill
      Determine Wind Chill Index. Choices are pre-November 2001 and new formula. Fahrenheit only results.
  • Preferences capability for storing defaults such as number precision and window.
  • Help capability for assistance and definitions.
  • Check for new versions menu item. Allows you to both just check to see if newer version is available and see it's release notes or you can download it if available.

Demo Version Details

  • Total all conversions: 1,455

  • Total unit categories: 11

    Astronomical, Bits and Bytes(only bit-mebibyte...there are 32 more in full), Density, Force, Illuminance, Luminance, Pressure, Temperature, Typography, Velocity, Weight (planetary)

  • Total unit types: 149

  • Total unit conversions: 1,328

  • Total other conversions: 127

  • Number precision: 7 (uses sci. notation when > 6)

Registered Version Details

  • Total all conversions: 6,921

  • Total unit categories: 21

    Acceleration, Angle, Area, Astronomical, Bits and Bytes, Density, Energy, Frequency, Force, Illuminance, Length, Luminance, Mass (Weight), Power, Pressure, Temperature, Torque, Typography, Velocity, Volume, Weight (planetary)

  • Total unit types: 372

  • Total unit conversions: 6,677

  • Total other conversions: 244

  • Number precision: 7 (uses sci. notation when > 6)

Numerical Range Limitations

  • Program returns numbers of values between 2.2250738585072013 e-308 and 1.7976931348623157 e+308.

Notes: Celestial calculations based from latest data from...

  • NSSDC (National Space Science Data Center) 2003

  • The Compact NASA Atlas of the Solar System by: Greely&Batson 2001

Version History...

    Version 1.9

  • [NEW] [ALL]: 1,664 more bit & byte conversions. New IEC and old standards.
  • [NEW] [ALL]: 24 more specific download speed conversions.
  • [NEW] [ALL]: 12 dew point, heat index, relative humidity conversions.
  • [NEW] [ALL]: 6 animal to human age conversions. cat-dog-horse.
  • [NEW] [ALL]: 6 depreciation conversions (straight-line, sum of the years).
  • [NEW] [ALL]: 4 cricket chirp temperature conversions.
  • [CHG] [ALL]: Preferences have been updated.
  • [FIX] [ALL]: Typographical.

    Version 1.8.2

  • [CHG] [ALL]: Several UI modifications.
  • [ADD] [ALL]: Quit button now on register window.
  • [FIX] [ALL]: Binary and Hex no longer interrupt use of application.

    Version 1.8

  • [NEW] [ALL]: Extra Conversions window. Includes: Wind Chill old and new calculation.
  • [NEW] [ALL]: Can now utilize fraction conversion in units.
  • [NEW] [ALL]: Help window is now a html file and has been updated.
  • [CHG] [ALL]: Check for updates now uses PAD and was enhanced.
  • [CHG] [ALL]: Preferences have been updated.
  • [CHG] [ALL]: File download windows were consolidated.
  • [CHG] [ALL]: Many UI modifications.
  • [FIX] [OS X Panther]: Several UI fixes.

    Version 1.7

  • NEW: Conversion for PPI to inches on digital images.
  • NEW: Conversions for determining the file size of digital images.
  • NEW: Conversion for determining what PPI to scan an image at so you get the correct halftone when printing.
  • NEW: Conversion for Effective Resolution.
  • NEW: Conversions for Hex color values and RGB values.
  • NEW: Check to see if a color is safe for the web.
  • NEW: Help window has been updated to include new definitions and assistance.
  • FIX: Memory allocation error fixed in the PPC version which caused memory error when multiple windows were open at once.

    Version 1.6

  • NEW: All file download time comparisons have additional gigabyte radio button for 40 additional calculations.
  • NEW: 25 Typography unit conversions.
  • NEW: A "Check for new version" menu item. Checks for new version and downloads it if exists.
  • NEW: A "Purchase software" menu item. Allows user to go directly to HybridBits to purchase software.
  • FIX: Invalid pathname error now fixed in the PPC version which now allows preferences to function properly.

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